April 7, 2015

I completed work on this album cover and was also sampled on a few of the album tracks. Looking forward to this release by the talented Lakker.

The fantastic Silver Kites are sampled on the track below.



Just delicious colours and lines Jelle Martens.

Jelle-Martens-04 Jelle-Martens-01 Jelle-Martens-02





Make your eyes and mind work their way around these lovely posters by Ryan Atkinson.



Yesterday we had paper cutting, today we have letterheads. I must have booked marked this tumbler a very long time ago and completely forgot how entertaining and interesting it is.Enjoy Letterheady.



February 29, 2012

A friend Stefan Paz posted this last year or even the year before and I had forgotten about it until I went through some old bookmarks. Staggeringly cool, clean, three dimensional work by Bianca Chang.


October 8, 2011

If you want to be entertained and informed by selected music, visuals, design and so much more you can’t do better than ISO50. The aesthetic of everything posted is so analogous yet abundant with variety. It’s a pleasure to peruse through it’s pages. Plus it’s not only a blog but a shop and a clothing line. Nice! Buy!

DESIGN: Colourful language

September 16, 2011

These lovely creations have been doing the rounds in a few blogs, but I was initially alerted to them by Behance. I saved them and now stare at them every so often… because they are beautifully coloured and because I appreciate the delicate and time consuming skill of embroidery. Check out more of this wonderful work by the duo of Maricor & Maricar.




August 29, 2011

I learnt a valuable lesson yesterday when I went to post last week’s background. My shoddy and haphazard mode of cataloging was finally revealed as I cannot find the original link to this piece by Jeff Rogers. And so it will remain a mystery until I find it some day. I am not sure if it is the same Jeff Rogers as this Jeff Rogers, but I’m posting the latter as I like how his site looks and works and was surprised to find that the graphic art he has created is all actually painted and not done on an aul computer.


August 15, 2011

Last week’s background is the colourfully bombastic work of Kelsey Brookes. Wham!


August 8, 2011

Due to laptop reformatting I’m late with this post. Apologies!

Last week’s background is the satisfyingly succinct work of Carl Kleiner.