Just delicious colours and lines Jelle Martens.

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Make your eyes and mind work their way around these lovely posters by Ryan Atkinson.



DESIGN: Muted Comfort

April 16, 2012

As The Day Light points out, there is something soothing about these designs, with their the soft hues and suspended delicate lines.

Yesterday we had paper cutting, today we have letterheads. I must have booked marked this tumbler a very long time ago and completely forgot how entertaining and interesting it is.Enjoy Letterheady.



February 29, 2012

A friend Stefan Paz posted this last year or even the year before and I had forgotten about it until I went through some old bookmarks. Staggeringly cool, clean, three dimensional work by Bianca Chang.


June 25, 2011

I love it. And I like the nasty really yellow shiny gold. I can’t own the real stuff. I can’t afford it. But I equally like the pretendy stuff. In fact, I think I prefer it. It doesn’t matter if I dent it, smash it, drop it down the loo, fling it off my neck, wrist or finger whilst sweatily dancing with furious abandon.

Due to this gold fetish I have been coveting a gold-frame bike. I searched the interweb and found this glittering creation. It even has red handled bars! How much do I love Red? As much as I love Gold. You are gorgeous Superbe Raleigh, Japanese Raleigh.


I am not likely to own that vintage bike however I might be able to own this trinket if I save and save. I have been lucky enough to see it in real life! And it’s glorious, as most of it is in a muted brushed gold, bar one beautiful shiny facet. It’s feels like it could and should be worn everyday and yet it’s something very special. Props to my friend Diane Butler.

And finally, I’m a sucker for really heavy weight card, embossing and gold platting, so yes please to this work by Tadeu Magalhaes.

I have to post Korb again as I find myself watching their videos several times. This one, for example, has a physical effect on me. I feel that I’m twisting, contorting and floating with the image. Associating it with something I might have seen some time and yet knowing that I have not seen anything like it with my own eyes. It’s human, it’s alien, it’s familiar and strange. The execution as always, is so professional and acutely precise. Every aspect is crafted with care and attention. I really appreciate that. Hurray for excellence.

The Balance from KORB on Vimeo.


April 17, 2011

I had come across work by this guy before but never went to his website. It full of surprising goodies and the layout is very inviting. Great shapes, colour and delicious photographs.

                                                        click photo to go to site

This girl has such a beautiful touch… I’m jealous. Stunning work.

A friend reminded me I had done this a while ago and then coincidentally Mark Garry the producer, gorgeous friend and fantastic all round artist extraordinaire gave me a vinyl copy of Sending Letters to the Sea just today. It’s a pretty thing, beautifully designed by www.atelier.ie

My contribution was working on a lovely track kindly handed over by Karl Him, (another multi-talented friend). And here it is…