February 19, 2013

Something beautiful for a beautiful sunny day. Many thanks to Dara Smith for this one.

Choros from Michael Langan on Vimeo.


I’m surprised. Juggling… it’s not something that I usually find appealing. However, a while back a member of my choir told me about his son and his amazing juggling. Since then I have looked at his work and the company with whom he juggles, namely Gandini Juggling. Their promo for a show entitled Smashed looks wonderful. It’s playful and not about showboating, but well though-out choreography where the juggling flows seamlessly within the performers’ movements.

DANCE: On Point

April 7, 2012

Last night I watched Pina. And I wish I’d made the effort to catch it in the cinema in 3D. It was really a wonderful, poetic and touching film. And it reminded me that long ago whilst flicking through the channels on TV I caught a glimpse of the first video below. There I remained transfixed by the entire Edouard Lock piece Amelia. Danced by La La La Human Steps. The music is by David Lang and it is just so stunning, sometimes I think it’s going to steal the show.