DRAWING: Simply Put

December 10, 2011

And for some lighthearted educational entertainment. I suspect constantly thinking of the world and your life in these terms must be very eye-opening for Jessica Hagy.



June 19, 2011

“Those who lack all idea that it is possible to be wrong can learn nothing except know-how”

Gregory Bateson

 Punched pinhole depiction of Brazil – study for illustration

I find the concept of Paul Romer’s Charter Cities intriguing, but the fact that they are on their way to becoming a reality is very exciting. I feel like someone in a sci-fi movie that has the option to go and live in some new Utopian planet. When you watch a film like that you know it’s not going to be ideal and that something is bound to go wrong. But now it could actually be a real option for me or you. Would you go?

        Image from Templates.com