CRAFT: Sewn Scribbles

March 14, 2012

Leila Montero’s embroidery is so charming because to me she has managed to capture a sense of loose sketching. It is charming and vibrant and make me want to take up needle and thread.


6 Responses to “CRAFT: Sewn Scribbles”

  1. creative pixie said


  2. emmahevezi said

    wow its so detailed and cool 🙂 this takes great talent! i really like this design! i think that it is just amazing and i would like to have this and also the skill level to be able to do this myself! awesome 🙂
    keep crafting!

  3. Even with one colour, you manage to dew a wonderful piece here!

    • Hi there, you do realise this embroidery is done by Leila Montero? Not me!!! You can find my work if you search my blog under the heading MINE. Thanks for the enthusiastic response though. I do think her work is really lovely but also makes you want to try it yourself. And if I find some magical spare time somewhere I will. 🙂 Keep up the embroidery!

      • Ops! Im so sorry! and also sorry for the typo >.<
        I went to see posts under your name and you are really awesome! Your drawing, I just don't know how to describe it. I wish i could draw like that. I especially like the one dated 20 May 2011. There's so much life in it.

  4. […] a look at the examples below published by Carmen Segovia, Patchwork posse, It’s for the Home, Eileen Carpio, Sarah’s hand embroidery Tutorials and Cozy Blue on Etsy. I found them all through […]

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