I’m surprised. Juggling… it’s not something that I usually find appealing. However, a while back a member of my choir told me about his son and his amazing juggling. Since then I have looked at his work and the company with whom he juggles, namely Gandini Juggling. Their promo for a show entitled Smashed looks wonderful. It’s playful and not about showboating, but well though-out choreography where the juggling flows seamlessly within the performers’ movements.


VIDEO: Emotional Fabric

March 31, 2012

I find this video mesmerising and I have watched it whilst playing different pieces of music and it works every time. The creator, Loie Fuller appears to have been a very interesting and creative character. Her influence can still be seen in the work of Jodi Sperling in the second video. The fabric reminds me of various paper work I have posted in the past and it also reminded me of one of my favourite magical  scenes from Singing in the Rain. Seen in the third video below, the statuesque Cyd Charisse. No fancy CGI needed…