ANIMATION: Awake or Not

February 2, 2012

For the last I don’t know how long I wake up at some silly hour and my brain takes off on an uncontrollable journey of its own.  I don’t feel tired the next day and as easily as I wake up I return to sleep although sometimes, it seems, a whole hour later. Today when I Stumbled Upon this odd site I thought I was watching an animation of  my sleepy mind. It takes a while to load, but if you have the time let it: Ana Somnia. Photo by Kim Holtermand.


One Response to “ANIMATION: Awake or Not”

  1. […] I seem to have some re-occurring themes these past few days. This time it’s sleep and like Ana Somnia, Ahn Min Jeong’s  illustration makes me think of that ill-defined state of restless sleep […]

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