January 9, 2012

Most of us have moved at least once in our lives and with each move comes an understanding of that place.  Favourite quotidian routes, potholes to avoid, safest roads at night, interesting hot spots etc. The landscape of your surroundings shows it age, cracks, renovations with each treaded day. And I personally find that when you talk to neighbours there are always issues that strike a communal chord. Because we live, see and use places everyday we know if they are functioning properly or not. puts these conversations into statements and numbers those in agreement with said statements. The people of New Orleans are being asked for their opinion in order to implement new ideas in various neighbourhoods. It’s simple, post your idea and wait to see if others join you and agree with your proposal. The more support for your statement the more likely it is to be taken seriously. I think the concept is very exciting.


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