PAPER: Crafty

December 17, 2011

Just because of the time of year and the simple but gorgeous effect, I’m posting this creative use of brown paper and graphic drawings. They really work and I will totally be “borrowing” this to wrap my one Christmas present. Luckily I have a very economic and frugal family which requires ONE gift to be MADE and given to your lotteried kriskindlee. It’s really worth checking out Kate’s blog Mini Eco as it’s full of colourful, inventive, inspiring and marvelously executed things! Have a go!


2 Responses to “PAPER: Crafty”

  1. I know, isn’t she great? I can’t wait to go through her blog and see what else I might try! Thanks for checking out my blog again. Love the envelopes as gift bags on your blog. Marvelous.

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