DESIGN: Wrapping

October 3, 2011

I just love paper, and although I enjoy working with it, I do get pangs of guilt about using it. When it comes to wrapping pressies, I either don’t and improvise in some other way, or I re-use and recycle paper that I keep from previous occassions. It reminds me of my Peruvian grandmother… She would keep every little bit of pretty paper and paper bags and plastic bags, basically anything and everything. She was methodical about it and pathologically neat. But there was no waste. It was a different time and a different attitude due to much needed thriftiness and it was unintentionally environmentally friendly. But when I saw these lovely photos I got the itch. Fantastically they have a great eco-attitude, so if I did feel the need to splash out and buy something special it’s nice to know I can do so with a tad less guilt.


One Response to “DESIGN: Wrapping”

  1. Jen said

    oooh super nice

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