September 11, 2011

Wandering through the wonderful blog-terrains that are ffffound and But Does It Float, I saw the work of Il Lee and was overcome by ooohs and ahhhhs. Again, I do wonder what it must be like to see them in real life. I feel like I’m back at school riffling through art text books, falling in love with certain pieces that I might never see in the flesh, as it were. Eventually through travelling I managed to see many of the masterpieces which I studied and it was surprising to see which pieces really affected you and which appeared radically different. I had a similar experience last year when the wonderful Vertical Thoughts: Morton Feldman and the Visual Arts exhibition came to IMMA. Juan Manuel Bonet the curator, gave a fascinating talk accompanied by enticing slides of some of the work which was to be shown. As photographs projected in a dark space, some of the work excited me and I was chomping at the bit to see them. However, it was misguiding as the colour settings of the photos did not correspond to the ‘real thing’. It was inadvertently disappointing. Scale is also an issue that cannot be properly represented in a photograph. However I suppose, you have to get used to this way of experiencing art and you have to trust your instincts or re-evaluate what you are looking at in real life without the previous experience damaging your expectations of a piece of art. Back to Lee… Waow!


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  1. David said

    Lee’s work is awe inspiring. Not only the large works on canvas (as big as a wall), but smaller works on paper. All seem to be the remnants of furious energy (large gestures — not simple back and forth) to create the serenity of Rothko. I read somewhere that his recent work was ink-less ballpoint pen on canvas at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. He is an artist that keeps pushing.

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