MUSIC: Eye-opener

July 20, 2011

Exhausted last night, I wanted to fall asleep to something soothing. So I put on a favourite, Seria II. However, I love it so much I couldn’t fall asleep because I wanted to listen to every bit of the album. And I thought that I should spread the good word about this precious music. Skuli Sverrisson won me over when I saw him play live years ago. Then I was given After Silence which sealed the deal. If I could tell him I would, that Skuli, I think you’re marvelous and many thanks for such touching music. It’s sparkling and magical. The meandering melodies belie the intricate patterns of the wonderfully arranged instrumentation. Hard to pick… but I think this is my favourite track.

And just for good measure. Here’s another. What I also really like about this album is the use of voice and how it is blended like another instrument into the mix and is not put in the foreground.


2 Responses to “MUSIC: Eye-opener”

  1. Aner said

    Stunning stuff Eilo, it’s just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it.

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