FILM: Reality is beautiful

May 24, 2011

I suppose recently and due to the fact that my fella works in 3D graphics, I have been watching quite a few clips, animations and films with computer generated images. And I associate advances in technology within the film industry as those involved in recreating reality. Something which I have always thought somewhat futile. I then watched this TED talk and realized that there are advances in technology which allow us to see our own world and capture it in unimaginable detail. Louie Schwartzberg’s footage is stunning, (his choice of music, questionable…) but if you take the time to watch from about 3:17 onwards, I hope you’ll rediscover that sense of wonder that can come from the smallest things that surround us. I am envious of the fact that he can see these tiny minute states of grace through his craft every day.


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