BRAINWORK: CVs are so last year

May 20, 2011

In the last few months I have had to write, re-write, trim, edit and pad my curriculum vitae for different applications, creative or otherwise. I have also had to deal with this BIOG creature and pretty much hated every second of the process. As a “creative”, I do find that biographies are certainly more the norm. But it’s hard to switch from a standard formulaic CV document to this freer form, which must encapsulate who you are and what you have done with your life to date. All the while making you sound fantastic, talented, erudite and if possible good looking. (Maybe that’s just my requirement).

As opposed to the formal language of my old CVs I find Biogs a challenge in creative writing. I have read quite a few now and am intrigued by the different styles and approaches. There are some wonderfully brave souls out there who have the knack… they sound intelligent, ambitious, witty and smart as hell and they can write it all in the first person. To get away with that takes gumption! Therefore I was delighted to find this article giving advice as to how to approach this fiendish Biog.

Hope some of you out there find it useful too. Thank you 99%


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