MINE: Abandoned effort

May 4, 2011

I have  been trying to draw something each week. A few weeks ago I thought it would be good to draw things I don’t like drawing but that I thought would be good for me. Bad idea…  It was just too boring and you can tell. The drawing lacks spirit or inventiveness, I made mistakes and I gave up. But I’m posting it, warts and all. New project in mind for drawing exercise will contain 100% motivational yumminess because I really want to finish it. Bear with me…  (my Mum hates it when people say that)


4 Responses to “MINE: Abandoned effort”

  1. johnny said

    ye why would you draw things you dont like? you’ll have plenty of time to do that if you ever become a commercial artist and people ask you to draw still life’s of insurance policies.

    • So wise! I guess I was thinking about it as if I was back in college where you sometimes had to do stuff you didn’t like but it ended up helping your drawing. But I think I’m too old for that now. Roses, kittens and babies from now on! 😉

  2. Motivation and inspiration, an artist pains in the bootie, so don’t waste your talents and time on something that your not enjoying. As an artist you have plenty of those type of projects when commissioned to do so. Wonderful Talent!

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